Guatemala: Steps to export


To export products from Guatemala, the following points must be considered:

  • Issue Export Documents: They depend on the country of destination and means of transport.
    1. DUCA Form – F: Country of destination is Central American
    2. DUCA Form – D: Country of destination outside Central America
      1. (Maritime / Air): Formulary Class 11 is issued prior to export
  • (Maritime / Air): Formulate Class 37 emission after the product has been exported
  • (Land): Class 10 Form
  • Export Support Documents:
    1. Invoice prepared in USD or GTQ to be exempt from VAT
    2. Transport Documents (By sea, air or land)
  • Some products require special permits for export:
    • Wood products
    • Textile products
    • Products of plant origin
    • Products of animal origin
    • Mining products
    • Coffee
    • Hazardous waste
    • Class A certificate for products under the Generalized System of Preferences scheme
    • Products under the scheme of the Association Agreement with the European Union

Guatemala has two international airports, Mundo Maya Airport in Flores, Petén and La Aurora in Guatemala City. The most important ports are Puerto Quetzal, on the Pacific coast, and Puerto Barrios and Santo Tomás de Castilla, which provide access to the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, 79% of the merchandise traded is transported by sea, before land (21%) and by air (0.2%).

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