Overview of Trade between Switzerland and Guatemala

– Trade between Switzerland and Guatemala dates back to 2015 and has remained relatively stable. Imports have fluctuated between CHF 46 M. and CHF 51 M. and exports between CHF 28 M. and CHF 33 M. According to Swiss data, total trade in 2019 was 76.9 million, a slight 7% decrease compared to 2018. Therefore, Guatemala traditionally has a trade balance surplus with Switzerland. In Central America, Guatemala is the fourth most important country in trade with Switzerland after Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


– The value of imports from Switzerland also decreased compared to 2018 (CHF 29.1 M., -10.6%). This drop can be attributed to a decrease in imports of chemical industry products that fell by 35% between 2018 and 2019. Switzerland’s exports to Guatemala include especially chemical and pharmaceutical products (40%), machinery (28%) as well such as precision instruments and watches (18%). Similarly, Guatemala exports to Switzerland almost exclusively coffee (87%) and alcoholic beverages (5%).